LOVE TRAVELS was born from a personal mission and desire to bring love, passion, truth and beauty into the lives of each person I encounter as an educator, author, and yoga therapist.

Why do these things matter? Well, ever since I was a child, I love to watch and listen to passionate people. Not only do I learn something from passionate people, I become inspired by them, too. It seems that every passionate person I meet–from CEOs to stay-at-home moms—also possess high levels of love, truth, and beauty. These key elements flow seamlessly through their lives bringing abundant health, wealth, career advancement, and meaningful relationships. 

And I am convinced that the more of us touched by love, the more LOVE TRAVELS to others seeking love’s healing and transformative powers. Not surprisingly, I became passionate about yoga therapy–a field of integrative health with roots in yoga philosophy and a mission to reduce suffering and increase eudaimonic wellbeing.

With that said, I hope you find the information shared on these pages enlightening and motivational. I also hope you choose to reach out and work with me 1:1 or register and attend one of my online classes and seminars to increase the presence of love, passion, truth, and beauty into your life.

Paula Reeves

LOVE TRAVELS Founder and Creator