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Love Travels Yoga & Wellness offers transformational services to individuals and groups, including corporate executives and athletic teams. We believe wellness and resilience training should be fun and filled with love, passion, truth, and beauty. Join us online or in-person for one of our events or schedule a personalized service or group retreat in our spa-like setting. Launch your journey with Love Travels today! 





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Why Beauty Matters

Why Beauty Matters

It was ugly. No other words came to mind. The room was ugly. Just ugly, I thought. As I reached out to straighten and open the blinds and with the optimism only a young, naïve girl can conjure in such a moment, I said to myself, “I will make this place beautiful.”

Love. Passion Truth. Beauty.

Love. Passion Truth. Beauty.

LOVE TRAVELS was born from a personal mission and desire to bring love, passion, truth and beauty into the lives of each person I encounter as an educator, author, and yoga therapist. Why do these things matter?

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